Friday, September 30, 2011

Vegan Mofo Epicness!

Vegan MOFO has been a tradition with me since I first started vegan blogging two years ago. Its essentially an entire month of nothing but the best of the best vegan bloggers attempting to make it through an entire month trying to do a post every day! This month is not only my first year eating completely raw and creating this blog, but i will attempt to make it my first to get completely through this epic Vegan Month Of FoOd!

This month, i'm showing you guys the very best of raw style. I will have giveaways from Nuts Online and maybe a few other companies, some epic recipes, and some awesome posts on the different health benefits behind the food you eat! I intend on making some awesome brownies and not to mention a raw pumpkin pie! Lets not forget the ghoulish desires of Halloween deliciosness that my teenage soul desires. MWAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!

But this year, i intend on showing you guys how its done. I'm kind of curious if my 17 year old self will be the youngest doing it and also if i am the only raw foodist celebrating this month, but i hope to see much awesomness from the blogs of my fellow vegans! May we all unite, sacrificing celery under the full moon and worshipping the gods of raw edibles! (only joking of course. Everyone knows i'm the only supernatural vegan around here.)

Besides my blog, be sure to check out a few of the other participating blogs doing it!

What are you looking forward to for Vegan MOFO?

-Andrew D. Morrison-

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  1. Looking forward to all you posts. I can't wait for the Halloween ideas and of course the raw brownies!