Tuesday, August 16, 2011

....And so.....it begins...

Whats up guys?

Welcome to the very first post to my blog! Im betting half of you are probably not going to read many of my posts, and some may not even finish this one. Im not for you. Its cool. Lets get on with it.

A lil bit bout me...
Im a raw foodie and love to eat! But aside from just om nom nomming on every piece of organiclly grown lettuce that crosses my path, I especially love to study food and how it affects our bodies. Food in its most natural state is called "Living Food" for a reason. When food is cooked, the enzymes in it are destroyed and your body has to pretty much re-code it just to figure out where to put it! And commercially grown food is an even bigger problem because it has barely enough minerals to begin with due to the soil it was planted in(hence the need for fertilization). The more food straight from the earth, raw and unprocessed, and as organic, homegrown, or wildly cultivated as possible , the more of a possitive effect it can have on our bodies and the better we become. Not to mention, your tastebuds become more active and able to taste the vast components of flavors in food because they arn't being destroyed slowly by enzyme-deprived food. What does that mean? Food tastes better raw!

So that's pretty much why i'm raw....
I've been a vegan since i was fifteen and am a mere seventeen now. I've learned so much the past two years about how amazing natural foods are, and plan to share my experiences with you guys. ya know. If you choose to hang around for dessert. Im just starting out as a raw foodie so bare with me.

And just know... I DESPISE reading bland article after article about nutritional whatever that ends up getting me nowhere, and not learning what I had set out to in the first place. With that said, I will try to make my nutrition posts as painless and easy as possible.

Recipes are the funnest part of the whole experience so you'll see a LOT of those coming up. Yah know. Where you actually get to eat something raw besides a piece of celery. I'll also try to throw in pictures, even if they are a bit crappy. But this will NOT be like my last blog where I just threw whatever on there to try to get as many posts up as I could without even trying the recipes before posting most of them. Everything on this blog I will make, taste, and get a second opinion before posting it. So no more things not turning out right.
I used to only want to just post on blogs to maybe get some views. Now, i'm in it for the food. The pictures may not be worthy of FindingVegan.com and a few posts may be more boring than intended, but you know what? This is me. This is my blog. You don't think it's worthy of you, then find something else to read. The rest of us will just enjoy some raw cacao brownies, mint-berry ice cream, and some amazing wraps without you.

With all that said, i hope you all enjoy learning with me the amazing and beautiful possibilities of being a raw foodie. If you don't plan on reading any more, its cool. But thanks for at least getting through this first post.

And now, my question to you....

What is your favorite raw food? It could be a recipe. Links are welcome ;D

-Andrew Morrison-

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