Saturday, October 1, 2011

Cleanin It Out!

So as you can probably tell, I like me some desserts. I don't just like them, but I love them. If its sweet, fatty, chocolaty, or involves peanut butter in any way then it is most likely a staple of my diet. But I did become vegan for a reason and raw for an even greater reason. I wanted to keep my body healthy and help myself to feel better. Above all and the full extent of my selfishness included, I wanted to look better. So even in the midst of Vegan Mofo, I think I need to clean myself out before I get to the good stuff.

I know you guys probably don't want to read about fasting and eating salads and blah blah blah. You guys more or less would rather attack a delicious recipe like a zombie to a big and juicy brain. You want something to om nom nom that tastes like a melt-in-your-mouth piece of chocolaty goodness. Well I promise, those are to come. But what is the point of being raw if a flesh-eater (aka carnivore) can prove to me that they feel better and are healthier than i am on my plant based diet?

So this is not for you. This is for me. I've been raw for almost a year and vegan for almost 3! So its time to take a stand. I will get rid of my acne finally and quit feeling so exhausted all the time. I plan to juice a bit, eat a few salads, and get myself into shape before the moonlight madness race later this month in my town. I need to prove a point!

I will still be making and posting brownies and yumminess all through this month, but just expect for me not to eat the whole batch and for a salad to be ingested every once in a while. But i'm coming out of it not only alive, but feeling like I can kick a bowl of organic salad right in its green little...oh could be reading this...

Any cleansing tips?

-Andrew D. Morrison-


  1. Green least once a day! I'm sure you've heard it, but it really works! I just found your blog, and I'm so impressed...great job going raw at your age! My husband and I are about 90% raw, and my daughter (16) is vegetarian..almost 2 years. I'm going to show her your blog, hoping it will help her out!