Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Nuts Online

MC ANDREW IN THE HOUSE! Alright vegans, raw foodist, and people everywhere unable to find raw, organic nuts for a good price! This post goes out tooooooooo. *reads a little card from my back pocket* NUTS ONLINE!!!!

Alright, but seriously guys. I want to dedicate this post to Nuts Online for the main reason that they have the best prices on just about any raw, organic snackBold I can think of for amazing prices. No, they did not pay me to post this nor did they even ask. They are just an absolutely amazing company and i believe they deserve a little bit of street cred on the internet.

This is the only company I go to to buy nuts, spurlina, dried fruit, and a few other things just due to the fact that they are dependable! I am a high schooler and have personally bought a few hundred dollars worth of stuff from them over the course of the past year due to the fact that they are just that good!

They have a wide variety of just about everything, and it gets here within about two days! I have never gotten a late order from them, and the food always tastes incredible! When i first got a package from them, it did taste a bit odd. It was like they added something that made it taste incredibly good, but i couldn't put my finger on it. So I looked at their bio and I finally figured it out.

The Nutty Family

Sandy David Jefferey & Kenny

Its love. There is love in every single delicious package i've ever gotten. When you buy so much, you also get a little sample of something else and even that little thing has love in it!

My personal favorites (all raw and organic):

-Amazonian Jungle Peanuts
-Pumpkin Seeds
-Cacao Powder
-Cacao Butter
-Almond Butter
-Macadamia Nuts
-Gogi Berries

I could go on and on all day, but the best bet would be to try it for yourself. So go! Go get some amazing food for an incredibly cheap price! NOW!!

Whats your favorite nut?

-Andrew D. Morrison-

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  1. Hey Andrew, I've been contemplating placing an order with nutsonline; My only issue is that the shipping fees become a bit cumbersome on an order as big as the one I'd like to place, I recently noticed that they offer 10% off for referring a friend (10% off the first order for the person referred and 10% off for the next order of the person doing the referring) and I was just curious if you might possibly be interested in referring me? please let me know (ProbablyRC@gmail.com) www.nutsonline.com/referfriends.html