Friday, October 21, 2011

Dessert Roundup

This weekend has been insane! Tests, food, and epic times hanging out with a few friends. Epic people make for an epic time. Also, that contest i'm working on seems to be a bit of a hit, i'm glad to say. Looking forward to the epicness that is raw dessert!

So many awesome recipes have been submitted for my raw dessert contest. The rules were basically to send me a link, recipe, or picture of your favorite raw dessert. Here are my favorites so far:

Pure glow sent me a link to her version of "Reeces" Peanut Butter Cups. With chocolate and peanut butter being my two favorite things in the world and this being my favorite Halloween candy before my vegan times, of course a trip down memory lane always is a plus for me.

Vegan Sweettooth's Raw Brownies were also suggested. I've seen, read, and made a lot of brownie recipes in my life time and they may be my favorite raw recipe for when I don't have much time to make anything. Throw a few simple ingredients into a food processor and blend until its a doughey yumminess. Then freeze for a few minutes to let it set and you're done!

What caught my eye about her brownies, was her pictures. I swear, they look just like the baked kind! That, i've found, is very hard to pull off so kudos to you VST!

Cacao Brawnie

Raw On 10 was also chosen as a raw dessert favorite, and I must admit that her caramel apple pie was most impressive. I don't have a dehydrator so I probably won't get a chance to make it, but her recipe looks absolutely amazing! Creativity and good taste clashed in this epic recipe and i intend on trying to make this, even if its not dehydrated. Just look at that! Tell me you don't want some of that gooey apple goodness.

On the lighter side, an awesome pie from Happy Cow was also sent to me. Happy Cow has some pretty awesome raw recipes, and their raw strawberry pie looks delicious and really easy! Sounds like epicness in every slice to me.

Anyways, don't forget to join the Raw Dessert Contest! The winner gets a Raw Sampler Pack from! When i announce the winner, i'll also post an epic recipe I came up with for a giant Halloween dessert. It involves lots of chocolate and lots of epicness!

Don't forget to enter my raw dessert contest here!

-Andrew D. Morrison-

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